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NEW – Click here to read some great info on how you can sharpen up for exams through nutrition and exercise!

The right nutrition and training is known to give you the edge when it comes to Sports performance, Academic results, Attention span, Concentration levels and Memory. Up-skilling both your staff and students in these areas will give them valuable knowledge that will last a lifetime.

At Key Health Indicators, we focus on 3 vital elements to ensure that not only is the right information delivered, but it is understood, put into practice and turned into better results.

These 3 aspects include Education, Measurement & Support (see more information about these by downloading the PDF in the above link)

To show an active interest in health through nutrition and exercise is becoming an expected, yet very necessary component of elite sports performance, and perhaps more importantly, general health of your students.

Our company is currently involved with several school and adult high performance training squads in Brisbane & Newcastle and we have received an immense amount of feedback from teachers, staff and parents as the value of  nutrition and health is often overlooked.

The KHI Difference

A unique aspect of our program is our ability to bring the benefits of SPORTS NUTRITION to ACADEMIC SUCCESS. The balancing act that students must perform in order to handle school, sport and other extra-curricular activities is exhausting. Having the knowledge to fuel and train the body and the brain enables students to manage this workload better, which will obviously have a huge flow on effect for future endeavors.

NEW -Click here to read some great info on how you can sharpen up for exams through nutrition and exercise!

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